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2015-16 Work Plan [Draft-PDF]

Supporting the Local and Regional

So That The World May Believe - Cytûn's Recent Work

Cytûn's Work

Cytûn, as it now stands, is a busy place approached daily by member churches and denominations, government, the third sector, the press and media as well as national, regional and local churches and faith communities looking to Wales' national ecumenical instrument for: written articles, advice, comment and assistance as a conduit by which the churches can be accessed and approached.

The staff team also seeks to support significant activities and events organised by member churches and denominations and to act as signs of a growing move towards a greater unity on their behalf as they act distinctively on their own initiative or together.

For a more detailed view of our work, please refer to our current Work Plan and developments under Faith, Order and Witness and Church and Society.



Cytûn is a registered company in England and Wales | Number: 05853982 | Registered name: "Cytûn: Eglwysi Ynghyd yng Nghymru/Churches Together in Wales Limited"
Cytûn is a registered charity | Number: 1117071