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The Church Uniting in Wales

DATE: April 2013

In the past three issues of the Treasury, various contributors have written from a variety of standpoints about the proposals of the Covenanted Churches to create a Uniting Church of Wales. One aspect that has not been addressed so far, was raised by the Editor of the City Road, Chester Newsletter last month. "There is one interesting matter with this proposed gathering together and that concerns the Presbyterian churches that are not situated in Wales - Chester, Two Mills, Hoylake, Moreton, Liverpool, London etc. like pieces of a jigsaw that will not fit' We agree with the same Editor when he observes that "one thing is very certain, these changes will have to be debated'

It is imperative that those who have initiated the discussion allow the majority, who were not party to their deliberations, adequate time to consider the issues. To expect a decision of this magnitude by July 2014 is unrealistic, given the cautious nature of most Calvinistic Methodists when they encounter change of any kind. However, it seems that the pew is not as docile as the architects of Church union imagine, and already in churches and presbyteries the faithful are showing that they have no intention of being herded in a direction that they have not taken time to consider.

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