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Prayers and Worship Material for the 2016 Election

A Prayer for the Election
God of truth and wisdom
We give thanks for the country we live in, and for those whose work and sacrifice won us the right to universal suffrage and the right to choose our governments.
We pray that we may cast our votes wisely:
That we will see beyond narrow self-interest, and recognise that we are all members of one body, one community;
That we will consider the impact of our decisions on the most vulnerable, on our neighbours, and on generations to come;
And that our choices will promote peace and harmony, both at home and in the worldwide family of nations.
This we ask through Jesus Christ, through whom God love the world so much that he came amongst us, to share our human life.

A Prayer for Candidates
O God, you are the source of all authority, and of every good work.
We give thanks for all those willing to accept the responsibility of government, to take the risks of standing for election, and to submit themselves to the will of the people in our democratic processes.
We pray that those seeking office may be guided by an unselfish desire for what is best for all those they strive to represent; and to promote honesty and understanding as they debate the issues before us.
Give the candidates strength and courage during the campaign;
and when the results are known, give them grace and humility in both victory and defeat, and the generosity to work together in the years ahead, for the good of the country they aspire to serve.
We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, the One in whom all live and move and have their being.

A prayer for others involved
God of love
We hold before you all those who are involved in the election process, though not standing for office:
For partners, families and friends of the candidates;
For campaigners, party officials, and members of pressure groups;
For civil servants, advisers, and those who must remain impartial;
For those who work in the news media, or who in other ways spread information and promote debate.
Pour out upon them all your sustaining power at this time of stress. Protect them, and those for whom they care, from temptation; and endow them with a sense of balance and of humour.
May they advise with wisdom and compassion, and know that their contribution is essential in creating an open, generous and truly democratic society.
All this we ask through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and our Friend.

Carol Wardman, Church in Wales

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