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Elections 2016 Videos - Scroll down for download instructions.

Farming and Rural Life:
(For more election issues regarding Farming and Rural Life in Wales, see Cytûn's Briefing Paper HERE):

Housing and Poverty:
(For more election issues regarding Housing and Poverty in Wales, click here for the Cytûn briefing paper on Housing, and here for the Cytûn briefing paper on Poverty):

Eileen Davies tells us about farming and rural life in Wales:

Party spokespeople respond to Eileen's questions about farming and rural life:

Laura Major tells us about the difficulties facing homeless people in Cardiff:

Party spokespeople respond to Laura's questions about homelessness and poverty in Wales:

Download all videos:

1. To download each video in it's turn, go to and select the video of your choice.

2. Below the video there is an option to 'download' or to 'share' - click on the 'Download' button.

3. Once you have clicked "Download", you are now given a list of formats to
choose from

4. Choose Mobile SD to if you wish to show the video on your phone, website or social media sites. Choose 'Original' for a high-quality file for a presentation on a television or a big screen

5. Once you have selected the format to download, the file will be saved to your computer so that you wont need an internet connection to view the video.

6. There are no copyright restrictions on these videos, therefore you can use them free to show anywhere anytime.



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